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The Girly Organist

On January 1st 2022 Rebekah started a social media profile called The Girly Organist (TGO) sharing her life with the pipe organ. Rebekah Vlogs (video captures) her everyday life as an organist.

The highs and lows of recital seasons, practice, behind the scenes, technique, repertoire, a day in the life of an organist, building her Walker 1864 pipe organ, composing, recording and releasing new music along with learning how to become an organist. Rebekah shares her story with an unfiltered angle on the trials, successes and comedy involved with becoming an organist. All with her collection of Flower Crowns and Frocks.


Rebekah is Associate Organist at Leeds Cathedral, England UK. In 2022 she was awarded an honorary Fellowship by the National College of Music and Arts for her work as The Girly Organist in inspiring Organists old and new around the UK. 

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Rebekah's  Summer  Recital  22 17
Rebekah BB1a
Rebekah's  Summer  Recital  22 33
Reb OK  (7)
Reb OK  (22)

You can follow The Girly Organist on the following social media accounts to keep up to date with the journey so far. You are encouraged to Subscribe, Follow, Like & Comment. 

Instagram: @thegirlyorganist

Youtube: @rebekahokpotiTGO




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